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Die roll for 2. Viclas (See all rolls for this character)
Campaign: 5th Ed Waterdeep (See all rolls for this campaign)
Rolled on: 9/10/2019 5:53:51 AM Mountain Time (GMT -7)

2. ViclasArcana: [1d20+4] = 15+4 = 19

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PbP Forum code:[url=http://www.unseenservant.com/default.asp?do=showone&id=185210&macid=14426]Arcana: [1d20+4] = 15+4 = 19[/url]

HTML:<a href=http://www.unseenservant.com/default.asp?do=showone&id=185210&macid=14426>Arcana: [1d20+4] = 15+4 = 19</a>
Link to character:http://www.unseenservant.com/default.asp?do=searchresults&pc=6681
Link to campaign:http://www.unseenservant.com/default.asp?do=searchresults&campaign=563

The Unseen Servant
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