Bianca Dewslinger   (Elf Female Witch)
Personal Attributes
Name: Bianca DewslingerXP/Next lvl: 14,697 / 16,251
Class: WitchHP:curr/max 11 / 11
Alignment: Chaotic NeutralAC:reg/rear/no shield 1 / 1 / 1
Race: ElfLevel: 3
Age: 18Height: 5'
Weight: 100lbsGender: Female
Encumbrance: 25.1Movement: 90'
Languages: alignment=Nuetral, Common, Elvish, Gnoll, Hobgoblin, Orc, Pixie, and Draconic.
Ability Scores
STR:16(+2, +10% exp)
INT:16(+2 Can Read and Write, +10% exp)
WIS:12(No Bonus)
DEX:11(No Bonus)
CON:9(No Bonus)
CHR:11(No Bonus, Retainers 4, Moral 7)

Saving Throws
Death, Paralysis,
Rod, Staff
or Wand:

Notes: +1 Save vs Spells

Description and Background
Bianca was a small young elven woman who was just coming of age, shy at best, and some had even described her as mousy. She was pale from long hours spent in the shelter of the deep woods where the sunlight only sparsely shone through the thick canopy.
Her clothing was homespun
but well made giving one a homey impression of her on first site. It was the black, wide brimmed hat that made her pale features and striking golden hair stand out.
She had long slender strong hands of an artist as well as an almost haunted look in her eyes. He hair was worn long and allowed to fall freely to frame her face, naturally straight and well cared for, it still looked more practical than stylish.

Bianca Dewslinger had been born to what passed for a common family by the standards of Elven Society. Her family worked and lived a moderately middle-class lifestyle, neither noteworthy or unexceptional. That was until one morning, while outside, sitting and playing with the frosty Autumn leaves, she mentioned how cold she was, and giggling playfully, she thrust her finger forward quite by instinct and started a brush fire. Everyone, including Bianca, was shocked and horrified.
Luck would have it that Eduardina Starfallen was passing nearby, and saw this happen. Keeping a cooler head, the woman walked over, summoning water to douse the flames. Eduardina was the local spiritual leader, and head of The Sisterhood of the Twilight Eyes, a Coven wrapped in ancient traditions centered around the Goddess Beith and a blend of Nature and Ancestral worship.
Recognizing the gift that Bianca had, she calmed her panic-stricken family and asked to take her on as one of her numerous apprentices. Bianca remembered little else from the coming years. She was introduced to the school soon after and would find herself ever more isolated from her family as they grew to fear her, and yet, those within the training of The Sisterhood itself welcomed her freely and without judgment.
When she was about 11 on a stormy afternoon when she received news that there was an accident while she was on a learning retreat with the potential initiates, those who remained of the original 30 some odd girls from the apprentices who now numbered only 4, and were being considered for initiation into the Coven. She received word her family was dead, her village had been struck by a tornado, and her family home destroyed. She remembered being numb for days. She barely ate or slept, but only after the urging of her sisters, she began to pray and meditate. There she found comfort and had continued to do so sense.
The otherwise shy girl was openly devout about her strong faith in both Beith and the Covenants of The Sisterhood of the Twilight Eyes. It was this past Spring, the year 2021, that she had been chosen as the sole girl from her childhood companions, to be initiated into the Coven. Her natural talents and undoubted faith in the Coven's edicts had made her an easy choice among the Witches of Woodstock, where the Central Coven resided. She had been brought forth, bare of all worldly possessions and anointed before 101 witches in the Sacred Grove, in the heart of The Moonmyst Wood. The High Priestess, Eduardina, herself had painted the runes of faith upon her bare skin as the rituals were performed.
The final part of the ritual was the most important. Eduardina handed Bianca a long straight staff, cut from a Willow sapling. This was the moment, either she and the rest of the sisters would see if the goddess accepted her or not into the Coven. As she grasped the staff, she was overjoyed to see the straight staff twist and knarl into a crescent shape on top, not unlike that of a shepherd's staff, but much more organic and knobby as if it had grown that way to mimic the moon. Bianca triumphantly walked over to the pile of wood, and thrust the butt of her staff into it, channeling her magic from the ritual through the staff and setting the bonfire ablaze. Her Sisters... *her* sisters, cried out in celebration and welcomed their new Coven Sister into the circle among shouts and calls of joyous horns, pipes, bells, and drums. The rest of the night was one of celebration and welcome and would serve as one of Bianca's fondest memories.
She had recently been charged with the mission of heading north to check on one of the rumored sacred sites far over the mountains. The details were scarce, but Bianca had been sent with two of her more senior Sisters in investigating. They had faith in their goddess and their ancestors that they would find the Site, and be able to rededicate it to Beith and establish the grounds for a new coven in that region. Now... here she was, on the cusp of the unknown, looking down on the rolling grasslands from the mountain pass, holding hands with either of her sisters as they began to chant a song of welcome as they descended toward their future, the sounds of fairybells chiming on slender ankles as they strode forth...

WeaponAtt/RndRangeSpeedDamage sm/lSpec.Dbl. spec.THAC0Projectiles
Silver Dagger110/20/301d4/nono
Longsword+111d8+1/nono+1 (Willow Will)
1Black Wide Brim HatWorn
1Black & Purple DressWorn
1Black CloakWorn
1Hard Leather BootsWorn
1Belt Pouch (Coins & Gems) / 1.8lbsBelt
1Belt Pouch (5 Darts) / 2.5lbsBelt
1Belt Pouch (Vials & 10 Candles, PoEH)Belt
3Vials (Empty) / 0.3lbBelt Pouch
1Flask (Holy Water) / 1lbBelt Pouch
1Silver Dagger / 1lbBelt
1Mule(Daystar) - 120' @200lbs, 60' @400lbs30lbs
1Packsaddle - (+20%) 120' @220lbs, 60' @480lbsMule
1Backpack / 2lbsMule
1Lantern / 3lbsPack
4Bottle of Oil / 4lbsPack
1Flint & SteelPack
6Rations (Trail) / 6lbsPack
1Quill & InksPack
4Small Sacks / 2lbs (2 in use)Mule
1Waterskins / 2lbsMule
1Bedroll / 5lbsMule
150' Silken Rope / 5lbsMule
1Blue Tormentil FlowersBelt Pouch
2Owlbear Jerky Rations / 1lbPack

Magic Items
1Potion of Dragon Control. (LL p.111) Charm Green Dragon 5d4 rounds.Pack
1Book of Shadows (Spellbook) / 3lbsPack
1Ellurian Steel Chainmail +3 / 7lbsPack
1Longsword +1 (Willow Will) / 4lbsLeft Hip
1Witch's Staff of the Twilight Eyes / 4lbsOff Hand
1Box of Magical Inks (3 Spells) / 3lbsPack
1Potion of Extra HealingPouch

Gems and Jewelry
1Silver Holy Circle Pendant / 1lbNeck
1Large Dull Banded Red & White Sardonyx (25gp)Coin Pouch
2Sacks of Treasure / 70lbsDaystar
Memorized Spells   
Level 1
Magic Missle
Magic Missle

Level 2
Phantasmal Force
Spell Book
Level 1
Burning Hands
Magic Missle
Protection from Evil
Read Magic

Level 2
Phantasmal Force

Bonus Spells per spell Level
Devout Witch of Beith, 'The Mother'
Goddess of Wilderness

Domains: Nature, Water, Forests, Silver, Wild Animals
Alignment: Neutral
Symbols: Birch Leaf. The Circle.
The name she has given the 'dark spot' left in her head containing part of a necromancer's spirit which was placed there by a cursed book.

She secretly suspects the book was a phylactery for the long dead necromancer, and worries that it has now transferred to her mind.
Item XP
3,691 - 2/1/18
2,060 - 7/31/18
5,751 Total
+1 to Save vs. Spells
-1 to AC
Mule - 120' @200lbs, 60' @400lbs

Packsaddle - (+20%) 120' @220lbs, 60' @480lbs
2 Sacks of Troll Treasure - 70lbs
700 ellurian-minted gold coins
a large square-cut ruby
a large round-cut diamond
a large square-cut ruby
a large square-cut sapphire
a platinum chalice set with blood-colored rubies
a pair of amber cufflinks
an amber cloakpin
a small lockbox with a broken lid which contains four dusty, old potions