Emma Springdawning   (Gnome Female Sorceress)
Personal Attributes
Name: Emma SpringdawningXP/Next lvl: 16,433 / 20,000
Class: SorceressHP:curr/max 12 / 12
Alignment: Chaotic GoodAC:reg/rear/no shield 0 / 0 / 0
Race: GnomeLevel: 4
Age: 61Height: 3'
Weight: 33Gender: Female
Encumbrance: 28/90Movement: 120'
Languages: Gnomish, Common, Midani, Elven, Dwarven, Draconic, Dwarvish.
Ability Scores
STR:9(+0,+0, Weight 35, Max 90, Doors 5, BendBars/Lift Gate 1%)
INT:14(4 Languages, 7th Level Spells, 60% Chance to Learn, 9 Max)
WIS:10(No Bonuses. 15% Chance of failure to cast.)
DEX:9(No Bonuses.)
CON:9(+2 Magic Resistance & SaveThrow. 65% Shock, 70% Resurrection.)
CHR:12(No Bonuses.)

Saving Throws
Death, Paralysis,
Rod, Staff
or Wand:

Notes: Modifiers figured in.

Description and Background
Emma is anything but shy. Even at a meet 3' tall, she has no problem dominating a room when she walks in. A natural beauty and coquet, she liked to dress and carry herself for attention. Her eyes are blue, bright, aware, and most of all mischievous. She has the body of a dancer and often shows it off in bright or even garish colors. This, ironically just makes it all the easier for her to disappear into one of her disguises. Her favorite of which is to binder her often loose and wild blond curls into a tight bun hidden under the hood of the drab brown cloak. more...

Emma stood out in a crown. She was the product of good fortune and more than a little luck. She had been born into a life of privilege, the daughter of a merchant who had come from the lush lands of the far north to trade back and forth with the desert folk of zakharan. Her father, Ricdea, had already made a good name for himself having established permanent trade route between their homeland and Huzuz.

It was in the city of delights were Emma was born and raised. Though she spent a lot of time traveling back and forth between the two lands, it was the desert where she felt most at home. By her adolescent years, she started discovering a talent in cantrips. By this time her fathers blooming business had caught attention of the higher ranks of society in Huzuz, and at a social event, a nobleman had noticed her and offered to teach her how to properly harness her ability. This brought much joy to her father, and an agreement was struck. Emma was taken into the formal tutelage of a noble family under the apprenticeship of a well known sorcerer. She learned how to control the elements of sand and wind for more than just parlor tricks, and learned to understand the undercurrents of their power as well as the science of the art.

While there, Emma also learned the social arts of the noble class. This served her well, as it offered her even more chances to move up the social ladder. She knew how to work a crowd with skillful diplomacy, a flirtatious wink, or even during a dancing performance. Those in Huzuz would lightheartedly say that in the last several years, Emma had done as much for Old Ricdea's business as he had.

Now that she has come of age, Emma has come to a decision to seek her own fame and fortune. Though her father offered her promises heaped one on top of another to stay, her spirit has the same wanderlust that brought her father to the desert over 2 centuries ago. Undaughted and eager for adventure, she has struck out for Muluk, City of Kings, to explore the grand markets and try to carve a niche for herself equal to that of her father or even greater.

Her dream is to make enough revenue and connections to open a Merchant's Inn as an expansion on her fathers own business in the capital city. Making it not just a base of operations for their own family business, but for all the traders coming in and out of The City of Kings, and a way for the to capitalize on all the action and intrigue within those fabeled walls.

WeaponAtt/RndRangeSpeedDamage sm/lSpec.Dbl. spec.THAC0Projectiles
Small Knife121d3/1d2nono20
1Slippers, SilkPack
1Small PouchHip
1Tin of KohlPouch
1Vial PerfumePouch
1Vial RosewaterPouch
1Sealing WaxPack
1Sewing NeedlePouch
1Signal WhistlePouch
1lb of SoapPack
1Vial of Writing InkPack
1Rice 1lbPack
1Salted Fish (98)Pack
1Rations (1week)Pack
1Flint & SteelPack
150' RopePack
1Boots, Soft LowFeet
1Parasol, SilkPack
1Water jug with a cork, filled with sandShoulder strap

Magic Items
1Quadran Steel Jambiya+1 (Magical Aura)Hip
1Vial of GlibnessPouch
1Potion of HealingPack

Gems and Jewelry
1Signet RingLeft Index
1Anklet worth 10 silversRight Ankle
1Moon Goddess Necklace worth 5 silversNeck
4Various bracelets worth 1 gold each1 Left 3 Right
1Brass & Glass Bead Necklace worth 50 CoppersNeck
2Earrings of Brass & Stone worth 15 Coppers EachEars
2Earrings of Brass & Stone worth 15 Coppers EachEars
1Small Crystal PrismPouch
Memorized Spells   
Level 1
Move Sand
Wind Compass

Level 2
Fog Cloud
Mirror Image
Spell Book
Level 1
Alter Normal Winds
Avert Evil Eye
Charm Person
Move Sand
Sand Jambiya
Sand Quiet
Sand Slumber
Traceless Travel
Wind Compass

Level 2
Fog Cloud
Mirror Image

Two Elemental Provinces
Sand & Wind
Two Prohibited Elemental Provinces
Fire & Water
Can see 60' in complete darkness.
Min/Max Spells Per Level 6/9
60% chance of knowing all listed spells.
+20% Class Bonus
= 80%
-4 to Large Targets
+1 to Small Targets
Weapon Proficiency

-5 Penalty for non proficiency weapons
Non-Weapon Proficiency
Secondary Skill
50 - Scribe (reading, writing, basic math)
Selan the Beautiful Moon Selan is the
goddess of beauty of Zakhara. She is
one of the eight Great Gods of the
Land of Fate and stands for the beauty
that lay in everything. Selan's symbol
is a moon within a ring.
Friends & Allies
the crazy old lady (Kadiga) was actually a polymorphed adult silat.
Prince Charming

Gnomish War Dog Mount - Prince Charming.
(Think Canes Corso or Bull Mastiff)

Age 2
Blonde and Sable coloring

Desert Camel - Cha-Cha

Age 5
Dark Brown and Black coloring
Spell Slots
4th lvl
3 lvl 1
2 lvl 2